Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh Book Cover

How I love thee.
Let me count the ways:

  1. There are no people on it.
  2. There is a blue typewriter on it.
  3. There is COURIER font on it of which I am enamored.
  4. It is about the book. And since the book is about a million things I didn't know how they would ever find an image that would say it all.
  5. I am an ego maniac and I'm delighted that my name is all big and bold and a little obnoxious on the cover.
  6. I ALREADY sign everything with xxx's and oo's so it is so easy to represent my book just by signing emails xxoo- Arlaina
  7. And NOW I can sign the INSIDE XXOO - Arlaina!
Jessica Handelman, Associate Art Director at Simon Pulse is the GENIUS behind this cover.

I never really thanked her and here I am, thanking her now.


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