Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everything is Awesome.

Ok.  I finally saw the movie and dear reader, I don't know if it was the blinding sinus headache prying my brain apart, the vertigo inducing 3D glasses perched over my regular glasses or the sight of my two children and husband giggling in unison at the screen but: I cried.

Wept really. At the end there, I was a slobbering mess.  And I can't stop singing the song and was really honestly and not in a snarky or wink wink way, moved by the whole thing.  The writers did a great job and made the movie bigger than the sum of its parts, which isn't easy when working with LEGO.


I have a cousin, newly 30, who asked me what LEGO was.  Seriously? I was astounded that there was someone in the world who had somehow escaped all knowledge of LEGO, when it takes up more than its fair share of real estate in my day to day life and psyche.  Lucky lucky girl.

Friday, February 14, 2014


In a fit of rage I wrote a piece about LEGO called "Another Day in Bricksburg" and sent it to McSweeney's Internet Tendancy for kicks.  They seemed to like it and tossed it up on their site and 1.2K hits and counting here we are.

Then the charming and witty gentlemen over at The Dinner Party Download asked if I could read it for them as an addition to their show and it's going up tonight!

It can also be heard here :

They did a great job with it and I loved recording it and I love radio.  I have always wanted to do a thing for NPR and now, it is done. Thanks to everyone over at the DPD for inviting me.  It was grand!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday was the fifty-first anniversary of Sylvia Plath's death and I wanted to mark the day because I loved her so much when I was a teenager and love her now.

This sad anniversary comes very close to Valentine's Day and since And Then Things Fall Apart is a kind of valentine to Ms. Plath, I like to do something around Valentine's Day to celebrate everything, her work, her influence, her influence on me, my book, and that old brag of my heart I am I am I am. 

And there's a huge heart on the cover so...there's that too!

I've been tweeting like mad all week with fun links and photos and art about Sylvia Plath, her work, and the way she inspires artists all over the world.

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