Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday was the fifty-first anniversary of Sylvia Plath's death and I wanted to mark the day because I loved her so much when I was a teenager and love her now.

This sad anniversary comes very close to Valentine's Day and since And Then Things Fall Apart is a kind of valentine to Ms. Plath, I like to do something around Valentine's Day to celebrate everything, her work, her influence, her influence on me, my book, and that old brag of my heart I am I am I am. 

And there's a huge heart on the cover so...there's that too!

I've been tweeting like mad all week with fun links and photos and art about Sylvia Plath, her work, and the way she inspires artists all over the world.

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Christine Donovan said...

Me too. We've had torrential rain since Christmas now, and I'm fed up with it,and thought that if Sylvia was still alive she'd feel like she did in 1963. I hope you're writing something else, and hope you're well. It's a sad time, and she'd have been so proud and probably shocked by how she's influenced us.