Friday, March 22, 2013

Sparkle Tiger!

I've been very busy of late writing and writing and writing.  And also, reading.  And editing and dying my hair and doing yoga and cramming for first grade spelling tests with my 6 year old.  I couldn't spell "beautiful" until 6th grade but, I digress.

I think I have, as they say in the biz as "unputdownable" draft for a new book! We'll see what happens.  This writing of fiction is weird.  I just am doing what I am doing and writing what I am compelled to write and hope it works for readers who are into whatever it is that I'm doing.

And also I have become a weekend face painter.  I love nothing more than getting up close and personal with a cheery five year old and transforming them from a sleepy birthday cake high kid into a sparkle tiger, or a mysterious fairy queen, or a monster with bloody teeth.  For real.  It's the best and makes me feel alive and I've learned a lot of things in my little life but one of them is this: You must always make time and room in your life for doing things that make you feel ALIVE.

And sometimes on Saturday nights I drink too much wine and paint my whole family and we run around the apartment (no we haven't moved) growling at each other and laugh till we are dizzy.

The blogging is good.  Keeps me honest. Since my book came out I have realized how much I love and respect all my fellow writers and readers and how we are our own tribe.  XOXO to all


Roberta R. said...

I enjoyed your first book a lot (even reviewed it, though only recently), so I'm looking forward to read the new one. Good luck with it!

CS Perryess said...

Just finished And Then Things Fall Apart. Thanks - I enjoyed it. I'll keep an eye out for the upcoming unputdownable masterpiece.

Retweets said...

What a wonderful attitude about this. Thanks for posting!