Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everything is Awesome.

Ok.  I finally saw the movie and dear reader, I don't know if it was the blinding sinus headache prying my brain apart, the vertigo inducing 3D glasses perched over my regular glasses or the sight of my two children and husband giggling in unison at the screen but: I cried.

Wept really. At the end there, I was a slobbering mess.  And I can't stop singing the song and was really honestly and not in a snarky or wink wink way, moved by the whole thing.  The writers did a great job and made the movie bigger than the sum of its parts, which isn't easy when working with LEGO.


I have a cousin, newly 30, who asked me what LEGO was.  Seriously? I was astounded that there was someone in the world who had somehow escaped all knowledge of LEGO, when it takes up more than its fair share of real estate in my day to day life and psyche.  Lucky lucky girl.

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