Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm getting ready to leave for Mepham High School in Bellmore L.I. to deliver a keynote speech to the National English Honor Society Inductees.

I know!

So excited.  I'm into my speech and might post it here when I'm done.

What a weekend!  There was the One Story Debutante Ball with Tara Altebrando as my delightful escort and our stalking of Andrew McCarthy and my drag queen with a vagina makeup. So fun! So Exhausting! A night surely worth an elaborate post.

And then there was the NJ house hunting which was great but sad because I fell in love with a house that we are probably not going to buy... AGAIN.

And then there was little league T-Ball (!) at 8:45 am (!) the next day followed up with 8 hours of laundry and then a glamorous book launch for my pal Hannah Moskowitz's amazing book GONE GONE GONE which I trudged to in the pouring rain but was totally worth it. Lucas Klauss was there and Robin Wasserman, and Anica Rissi, and we talked about my kids and the biz and the genius of H. Moskowitz.

Watched the tail end of Girls, (which I like, ok?) and then the re-run of Game of Thrones (which I love/hate) and then I was so freaked out by the demon, smoke, devil baby that came out of the red haired devil lady that I couldn't fall asleep.

As soon as I get pictures I will post and share and etc.  And I figured out what to do with my book (the new one I'm working on diligently) thanks to one Amelia Kahaney.

Yesterday I was mildly depressed and exhausted all day. But I worked on my speech, finished GOOD GIRLS DON'T DIE (which was great and fun) and etc.

OK.  Are we caught up?  And can I name drop SOME MORE?  Jeeze.

Photos soon...


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