Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh!  My LIFE is really overwhelming, dudes.  Things aren't going so great over here... But, I'm like, hanging in there, I guess.

With great power comes great responsibility.
Big picture and on paper all is good.  But up close, behind the velvet curtain, one section at a time, things are not so rosy.

The book is coming along, it its dysfunctional way.  It is hard hard work.  Not that fun. When it's going great it is going GREAT.   But that is not often.

We are getting ready to leave as in MOVE OUT OF the city for a place where they have houses and also the kind of restaurants that give you crayons and connect the dots placemats for the kids.  I can't wait and I don't want to. Both. Equally.

We are having trouble deciding on a house.

We are stressed out about schools and money and deadlines and professional futures.

I miss my family in Chicago.

Sephora went Medieval on my face.
And the book is coming along s l o w l y and it's entirely frustrating.

All in all, I'm deathly depressed and it's not going away.  Oh it will, eventually.  I haven't been this sad for this long since the  post partum madness that followed the last baby.

For reals.

S I G H.


So... bear with me.

Do you know what would cheer me up (besides winning this stupid CB2 room makeover I enter every day)?


I somehow reached 500!  And now I'm on a quest.  I'm into twitter, so.  I'll make it worth your while!

Meanwhile, enjoy these snaps of the ever lovely One Story Debutante Ball 2012!  So happy to be a part of it!

This last one in my favorite.  My darling and amazing escort, Tara McCarthy and Andrew McCarthy.  I do believe I wept while thanking him for Pretty in Pink and assuring him of its great cultural significance for a generation of creative types (aka: me and Tara).



Anonymous said...

It's change. Fear it or embrace it. The latter is the easier, although we tend to think fearing is and we give in to that instead. Think of Pee Wee and make it an adventure! Then afterwards you'll forget how much you stressed over it.

Bree said...

And these are the good times we long for in years to come... Sounds overwhelming to me, your life. But my kids are grown up - they live with me, but I'm single and my time is basically my own. I just said this to my niece who is in the full life of young ones and her thirties... 'Life's a long song.' That one comes back to me all the time. Hang in there kitty! (Your arms do get longer!)