Thursday, March 11, 2010

100 pages

100 pages isn't that many, right? If one were, say, a 15 year old with chicken pox and a typewriter and a lot going on and a lot of time on her hands- one could, ostensibly, have 100 pages of woe to add to the collection? Right? 100 pages. Friends, boyfriend, poetry, pregnancy?, snark and heartache...creative pursuits. 100 pages. There's chain smoking grandma stuff too, for sure, and an entire childhood to look back on... 100 pages. Just read an interview with Lorrie Moore in my Wisconsin alumni magazine and she said that writing about "coming of age" takes a lot of pages. 100 more pages than I already have? Um, yes. 100 more pages, actually. 1 0 0 m o r e p a g e s.

1 comment:

suzie townsend said...

100 pages is nothing. You can totally do it :)