Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Balm of Environment

I just read this great little piece on Paris' Shakespeare and Co. bookstore and it was all about the balm of environment. We are moving, that's right- moving- to a new apartment any minute now and I am overwhelmed with choices and prices of furniture and rugs and window shades, beds and rugs, chairs and bath mats, headboards and potholders. We need a new vacuum cleaner. How many books should we take out of storage? I work at home and bathe at home. Sleep, love, feed my family and play with my baby all in the same space. I want it to be inviting and calm, creative, and beautiful, timeless yet unique. A real home that takes the anxiety from your shoulders the moment you walk through the door. Oh dear reader, how the fuck do I pull it off? Say it with me- the balm of environment- Let's start with a bed for the 3 year old and take it from there.

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