Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bunker is Ready for the YApocalypse

How to prepare for the MAY OF MAYHEM
  1. Talk to an inspiring writer and friend for 58 minutes and talk about writing, art, and deadlines
  2. Download Microsoft Word onto your newly refurbished laptop and transfer your files
  3. Become Facebook friends with writers you admire
  4. Email your agent about how great the edits are going in vague terms
  5. After looking up how to install Jibbitz into your surprisingly chic new Crocs on the internet, wear them out on important errands
  6. Go for lunch (oxtail special) at your favorite Dominican restaurant with your baby and an old friend
  7. Spend 27.00 on bizarre headbands, sparkly bracelets and a bedazzled elephant pendant at the 2.99 accessory store
  8. Make 2 trays of baked ziti- one for dinner and one to freeze for emergency rations during the May of Mayhem
  9. Get quarters for laundry
  10. Buy soymilk for a vegan friend who is coming over tomorrow to see you and your new apartment and unbeknownst to her- help you with laundry.
  11. Blog about it

Days to May of Mayhem: 5

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