Monday, July 26, 2010


Am I supposed to be giving things away here? Ok. Perhaps I shall start. But not today. I know a lot of bloggers are just giving away the store, every day, just win this, and first five commenters that, and one lucky commenter will... and actually I LOVE it.

That reminds me. I have a bar of Green & Black's organic dark chocolate here with a Simon Pulse paper label around it that says "Welcome to Simon Pulse! We're excited to have you- and excited to meet you on Friday!" and it is signed by Anica and Annette, my gifted editors who, in my head only, I refer to as Annettica. Should I give this away to a lucky winner?

I got that in March. I have been saving it, for what? I do not know, nor can I bring myself to eat it. This is how hoarding begins. It is probably stale and gray on the edges by now.

I'm thinking of a contest and with only 25 loyal and intelligent followers, your odds are really good here, folks.

I'm busy getting ready for our splashy Pen Parentis Author Salon on September 14- Jen Eagan and Darin Strauss and... Abby Sher! Rock and freaking roll!

Oh and I'm afraid I am in a weird kind of love with James Franco. Allen Ginsberg. James Dean. Who's next in his repetoire, Abraham Lincoln?

Can these posts be any LESS coherent? Yes. Yes they could.


suzie townsend said...

Oh my God, I love James Franco! :)

Girlinbetween said...

I also love James Franco!!

Arlaina said...

That makes 3 of us! xx

Léna Roy said...

Dude, I know! WTF with the contests? So cool, and I feel so lame for not figuring it out. And I have loved James Franco since the first Freaks and Geeks episode! (So that makes 4 of us!)