Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Other Car is a Bicycle

That is a bumper sticker I never quite understood. Another bumper sticker I never particularly enjoyed was of the "I'd Rather be Fishing/Hunting/Sailing" variety and yet, since getting my long awaited edits, believe me: I get it.

This editing is way harder than I thought.

I would rather be:

  1. At Ikea
  2. Cleaning out the hall closet
  3. Doing effing laundry
  4. Reading my Marie Antoinette book (Almost done! How will it end?)
  5. Playing around with lipstick and eye shadow so my lips look like the above

Anything anything ANYTHING other than making artistic choices strongly encouraged by my editor...

No news on the title either.

1 comment:

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. I know what you mean. Which is exactly why I am typing this comment instead of studying.