Thursday, February 25, 2010

Publishing Types

This week I finally met the agent that plucked BELL JAR SUMMER from the slush pile and made me a millionaire. Not quite millionaire but he did rescue me from an un-published life which, for me, would have been a fate worse than death. He is not my agent now... he is a fancy editor with an office in the fabled Flatiron Building which is were I met him. Dear reader, it was like visiting Oz. Creepy security, elaborate elevators with hot shot editors chatting about book covers inside of them. So I get to his office and this is what is on his fucking wall. I KNOW!! So we hit it off and ate lunch and laughed a lot, about what I don't really remember, and I'm so grateful to the universe for introducing us. My new agent is a sparkly wonder and I will share more about her another time... All's I'm saying is thank you Brendan Deneen for everything. xx


Judith Engracia said...

I owe a lot to Brendan Deneen too! He helped get me the internship at FinePrint :) Brendan, making dreams come true.

Arlaina said...

Thanks for following! xx