Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Reading at the WordUp Community Pop-up Bookstore in The Heights!

"Word Up is a month-long bookshop coming to Northern Manhattan, beginning during the Uptown Arts Stroll/Paseo de las Artes. Sponsored by Vantage Residential and Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, and coordinated Fractious Press and Seven StoriesInstitute, Word Up will have readings, performances, workshops, talks, and more, with local writers and presses. We hope thatthe idea of a multi-language, general-interest bookstore in the center of the neighbourhood takes hold and that the space—whether this one, or another like it—can continue through and beond the summer.

From June 14 to July 14, shop hours will beweekdays 4-9pm, weekends 12-4pm, with some adjustments for special events. The address is4157 Broadway @ 175 Street."

It is so punkrock DIY with graffitied walls and bilingual books and hipsters and kids and grandmas and Russian Artists leading book making workshops. So up my alley.

On Wednesday, July 6 I'll be reading some stuff from And Then Things Fall Apart as part of their Teen night. 4pm-7:30pm. Mariecarmen Hernandez local teen poet will read from her collection of poems. There's going to be a special open mike reading featuring local teen writers, and an open exercise in creative writing led by Ezra Wolkenfeld.

Me? I'm going to talk about Sylvia Plath, read some of Keek's poems and then a passage that talks about the impact of literature that is also very sexy hot, with Matt and Keek making out AND some Plath references... Should be fun! I might even give a book away! And for sure tons of bookmarks...

Please come!

Tell your fiends.

Tweet at will. It's going to be some anti-establishment good times!

I'm off to buy Sharpies- the kind with a cord so I can wear it around my neck.

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