Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Like a Birthday, but Weirder

Today, Tuesday, July 26, 2011 is the official pub date of

And Then Things Fall Apart.

I'm getting ready for the book launch and thought I should toss something at my very own blog...

Thanks to everyone and when I'm not so harried and emotional, I will post a real entry.

And thanks too for all the following and insane love on Twitter! It's like getting love notes tossed at my desk all day long... (@ArlainaT)

To tide you over, my pal Nova Ren Suma has an interview she did with me up on her blog.

And me talking about influential YA books over at Alisia Leavitt's cool blog too!


Julia said...

Happy Launchday! Sorry I can't be there tonight, except in spirit. I'm sure it will be as great as your book.

Adam: YA-Weekly said...

Arlaina, it was fantastic meeting you - and I'm reassured about my "solid man-name" after meeting you. I posted an article about how awesome you are and the event. Much luck with all successes, and thank you again for your hilarious inscription.


Esther said...

I've read half the book so far and I really love it! Now I'd like to have my own type writer just like Keek but I'm not sure if they still sell them, also I like how you mention Sylvia Plath and her book The Bell Jar. I've read a few chapters of her book but I've never been able to finish it so hopefully I'll get it soon or for my birthday.

Horatio said...

Just passing through when I heard about the release date of your book. That's awesome! Congratulations!